tip # 1 -- Cute little links in the Chrome menu bar.

Right click on your shortcut & delete the name. Then you are left with a cool little icon only. Makes the menu bare more compact.

tip # 2 -- Make your PC act like Chrome OS.

This was really easy to do, & totally free. All you need is Google Chrome, Google Drive & a couple of freeware programs to complete the look. Try out Chrome OS without having to switch.
[Complete instructions here]

tip #3 -- Newer search results.

Tired of getting a 4 year old posts in your search results with Google? Easy to fix:

  1. (In Chrome) go to settings, search, search engines
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the 2nd list & type a name, I used "Goog"
  3. In the 3rd box paste in:
  4. Press enter
  5. Find your entry on the list & click default.
Now when you search from the omnibox, you will have newer stuff.

Got any neat tips or tricks, share them & let everyone know.

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