Retired Tech

Here are some of my favorite tech gadgets & computers I have owned throughout the years.

Oh the early days of computing: the VIC-20 was my first of many, including the Commodore 64, Atari 400 & 800 XL, TI-99, a TRS80 coco then on to a plethora of home built IBM PC clones.

The Mac Mini G4, was my first Apple computer & man was I hooked. I quickly retired all of my clunky Windows PC's & embraced the Steve & Steve systems. I still have that Mini & it works great. It is my home entertainment computer in the living room. Go Mini-ME!
I got my son an iMac G4, arguably the sexiest computer ever made, with its ball shaped base & swiveling screen, Ooh la la. Of all my old computers, I wish I had that one back.
I possessed various iMac's & Power PC Mac's & now I'm back to Windows again. Go figure. I also really miss my Power Mac G4, mirror door version, the last of the G4 series.  I built a few Linux/GNU systems, but they are annoying.

On to the handhelds.
I have a terrible time remembering things, so I have always had a PDA. From the humble Palm m100 to Blackberry's, Pocket PC's, iPod's, iPhone's, iPad's, Windows Mobile devices & even a Sharp EL5500 if you know what that is. I used it to cheat on tests in high school :)

I have had a few, even more than I have listed here.

Like I said, 
I love gadgets.

Tell me what gadgets you love or hate, even. I think my favorite was my Tungsten T3, I have a soft spot in my heart for that one.

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