PC Chrome OS

Even though it is not really Chrome OS, I have managed to simulate the look & feel pretty good. Also note, I did this on a Windows 7 machine so it might be different with 8 or 10.  All in all it was super easy...

First you need to have Google Chrome & Drive installed (obviously). You need to install two programs called "Start Killer" & one called "7stacks". You also need a Google account, if you have Gmail then you are all set. You don't need to, but I downloaded an icon for the "files" folder & the "App Launcher" to look nice, I also got a cool Android wallpaper.

Here we go:
Get rid of all the desktop icons & Windows Taskbar icons, you don't need to delete the programs just the icons. You can pin Chrome & Drive to the bar if you want.

Then, right click on the Desktop & remove all of the system icons. Just click "Personalize", "Change desktop icons" & un-check them all, then click "OK"

In Chrome go to the Google Web Store & install all of the Google made apps that you like. I have: Gmail, Inbox by Google, Calendar, Contacts, Keep, Hangouts, Photos, Camera, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Drawings, Sites, YouTube, Play Music, Play Movies, Calculator, News, Store, Play & Google+.
Whew, that's a lot of Google-ing.

Now go into your Chrome Apps tab (type chrome://apps/ in Chrome if you don't see the tab) & do the following to all of the Google apps.
Check "Open as window" then click on "Create shortcuts...", then this window opens. 
You can choose which shortcuts appear on the Taskbar & on the App Launcher (these will go on the desktop for now). On Windows 10 you can only create them on the desktop, then you need to right click the items on your desktop & "pin" them to the taskbar.

Run Start Killer, if it isn't already running; you can tell because your Windows Start button will be gone. Right click on ot in the system tray & in the settings check "Load on startup:. Create a folder (I put mine in my documents) called "App Launcher" & drag all of the Google App icons from the desktop to this folder. This is what will be in your App Launcher window.

Now run the 7 stacks program & change the settings to these, be sure to use whatever location you put your "App Launcher" folder.  FYI, I changed the icon size to 48x48 as 32x32 was a little small.

Then click the "Create Shortcut on Desktop" button, when it is done you will have a neat little shortcut on your desktop. Drag it to the Taskbar & "Pin" it there, then drag it to the left side of the bar. You can delete the shortcut from the desktop now.

It's starting to look pretty good now, we only have one more thing left. Setting up the "Files" app.

This is the app that google uses to explore local files with, like Windows Explorer. This one I had a little bit of trouble with. First I created a folder on the desktop called "Files" Then I added a custom icon, this is completely optional. My problem was if I tried to "Pin" this to the taskbar it used the default Windows icon. Also, if I put this folder into the "App Launcher" folder we created it treated it as in internal folder expecting other apps to be in it.

I solved the latter problem by creating a shortcut to the "Files" folder on the desktop, then I dragged the shortcut into my "App Launcher" folder, & that worked but I never could get it pinned properly to the taskbar. I'm sure there is a way, but for now I just left the folder on the desktop.

That's it, here is the final product & it looks a lot like the Chrome OS. I am going to play with this for a while to see if I can get used to it, if so I am working up to switching completely. If you need the windows menu, just hit the Windows key & it is there for you.

Thanks for reading & have fun with this.

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