Operation Chrome

  • I have had it with Windows, I'm switching to Linux.
  • I have had it with Linux now, switching back to Windows.
  • Forget Windows, I am a Mac guy now.
  • I want to build another PC.
  • Windows 7 is old, time for 8.
  • Free upgrade to 10? Count me in.
  • Oh jeez, Win 10 is deplorable, how do I downgrade?
  • Maybe 10 is not that bad.
  • Are there any good Linux distro's out there?

Yes, this is my computing life, or was. Now it is time for something new.

My switch to Chrome-OS will be a new chapter in computing & I will chronicle my steps to OS redemption? I'll  'em if they are a go,  'em if it's no.

I have a three phase plan.
  1. Test the waters with a pseudo Chrome OS (on PC) [instructions]
  2. Switch out PC for a Chrome OS stick (cheap option)
  3. Move to a Chromebook for all computing (if all goes well)

What Chrome OS needs to give me.

  • web browser
  • email
  • file browser
  • “Office”
  • games
  • work offline

  • video conf  
  • webcam  
  • music/video
  • calculator
  • blog posting
  • P.I.M.

  • photo view, edit
  • edit videos
  • image/paint
  • cam import
  • phone sync
= works = does not work  = limited or not as good as PC counterpart

Not one single ✖ mark! Edit videos is one major problem here (video editing needs some muscle) but the other 4 's are not a big deal, really. I am keeping my main PC in the bedroom for video editing & more power intensive tasks anyway.

So I am on phase 1 & it is looking good so far. I'm going to use my PC within the confines of the Chrome OS system. I am using my old Windows 7 computer & it looks a lot like Chrome OS right now. You can get the super easy instructions to do it yourself  HERE. I'll follow up in a week or so to let you know what I think.

[Update] I have been using my pseudo Chrome OS, & I have to say it is working perfectly for me. I don't need a "full blown" OS like Windows at all. I am looking at my hard drive & there is only 32 GB used, which leaves over 450 GB unused on a 500 gig partition. I used to have a problem with filling up my hard drive & worrying about expanding. Now with everything in the cloud, It's no longer a big deal. I am seriously considering getting an SSD & using my hard drives for media & backups. I am getting a Chromebook, for sure. Even with a new one, 14" & Google Play app support, It's still under $300. Not a bad deal.