Apr 8, 2017

Chrome OS-Final Word.

Let me start off by saying "I LOVE the Chrome OS system". It is simple, elegant & very functional. With the inclusion of Android apps in the future releases it will get even better. I ran a "pseudo" Chrome OS & then I installed a stand alone Chrome via Cloud Ready. The install was easy & I enjoyed the OS for several weeks. Then a thought occurred to me. Why?

I was going to buy  a Chromebook, but ended up re-purposing my wife's old Win 7 notebook for my use. The battery is pretty much shot, but I'm not planning on taking it anywhere, so it will always be plugged in. So I wiped it & installed Chrome. If I had purchased a Chromebook I would be forced to make things work within that ecosystem. But I have a full computer, so I don't have those limitations. A better choice is Linux with Chrome browser & apps. That way I can use the apps of the Chrome OS world & still have a full OS to get other things done. Plus with a full OS like Linux I have a lot more options for system customization, more choice in programs to run & I can put items on the desktop; something that Google left out of Chrome OS.

So there is my final word on Chrome OS. If that is the only choice you have, no problem. If you don't care about tinkering with your system, great. Chrome OS will do most of the things that the average user will ever need & more. It is a beautiful & very fast system, that is a joy to use. I really  can't say enough about it & I hope Google does really well with it & Android. But, if you are a geeky power user like myself, it can feel a bit limiting to you. I am really loving my new Linux install, much more than Windows & I feel it is the best option on a PC or laptop. It has come a long way & is now super easy to install, use & is very compatible with hardware. It is also as geeky as you want it to be, allowing you to customize anything you want.

I love Chrome, Android, Linux, Mac OS, Chromium, Remix even windows.  I just love computers & gadgets. They all have their qualities & problems. I feel that Windows has finally met its match with the new generation of OS's & the market reports show a definite shift as well. The future looks bright for computers & I can't wait to see what is coming NeXT.

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