Feb 21, 2017

my 1st post

Hello anyone who cares,

I am a Blogger, that's right BLOG-G-ER. That means I write about shit I think I am an expert on, as if anyone is actually going to read it. As of 2013 various statistics put the number of blogs in the world at over 152 million. By now (Feb 2017) it's probably up to like 5 kozillion. With so many blogs out there, why am I adding another one? What do I hope to accomplish? And, does anyone have pictures of Neil Patrick Harris in his underwear? (I loves the Doog)

The short answer is, I am doing this completely for me. I'm home, alone, bored, tired; yes, I am a housewife, househusband, homemaker, a bum. If people like my ranting & want to follow, then awesome-o.

I am going to make some video's on my YouTube channel if I can get off my lazy ass. Here's to the future...

FYI: I promise to keep these things short, sweet & to the point. I hate it when people ramble.

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