Feb 26, 2017

My keyboard is dumb!

What is the problem with people, that we can't let go of anything? Don't believe me? Check out the ubiquitous little keyboard that sits in front of your computer. If you are using a Mac, then you have no idea what I'm talking about because Mac keyboards are much smarter. Look up at the top right & you will see a "Scroll Lock" key. Do you have any idea what that does? No idea? I'll explain it to you: IT DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! It never has done anything, ever. Not even in the 80's or 90's, never had a use. Same with the Pause/Break keys, nothing, yet they are still on the keyboards for some unknown reason.

While we're at it what the hell is the numlock key doing on keyboards with dedicated cursor & home/page/insert keys? you never need to turn off numlock with a full size keyboard, maybe on a laptop, but still. The only thing the numlock key does that I can see is piss me off when I'm trying to type in my pin to log in & it is OFF! 

So, to all the keyboard manufacturers out there: stop being lazy & get rid of these keys & make my number-pad only have numbers on it. Don't think you can? Just look at Apple, they got rid of them decades ago.

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