Feb 22, 2017

I got the 1st iPad!

I wrote this in April of 2010, when the original iPad was released. I pre-ordered mine & since I was close to the UPS hub, I was the first delivery in Tulsa. 
I got the first one, neener neener neener!

This has to be the coolest device I have ever seen. I started out years ago with a Palm Pilot. Simple one color touchscreen and not much memory, but it had a better memory than me. I couldn’t remember anything, but my Palm could. The simple little handheld housed my thoughts, notes, contacts, calendar events & reminded me when to do stuff. It was perfect! Until the new one came out. Now I had pictures I could take with me & show off to friends & family. It was more perfect, until...

I got the Tungsten mainly for the cool slide out feature. Of all of the devices I have owned I think I liked the Tungsten's form factor the most (especially the T3). I upgraded many times over the years; I’ve had palms, berries & windows handhelds.

Since the first handheld was held in my hand, I have been hooked & have never been without a PDA of some sort. this is a good thing since I can’t remember a damn thing. I have always wanted a single device to handle everything I need (photos, video, music & PIM functions). Out of all of the devices, only the iPhone filled the needs of everything perfectly. Now with the addition of the iPad it is even better. I now sync the iPhone with music & the iPad takes care of the movies & TV shows. I can keep myself organized with the phone & do other things such as Internet & watching video's  with the iPad. Nirvana, finally!

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